See Angkor and Die ...

Safety at Night

While most Khmer people are relaxed and friendly, there are a few nasty folks around. The country is very poor and has experienced a lot of warfare and death, so for some, life can be pretty cheap.

Nonetheless, with the proper precautions, there is no reason you can’t enjoy a safe holiday in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh late at night is not particularly safe for walking. Be sure to take a taxi if you have a late night. If you find yourself having to walk for some reason, stay to well-lit streets as much as possible. If by some unfortunate chance, you do get accosted, have some money ready (about $10 will do) and hand it over without resisting — your life cannot be bought back for any amount of money.

Siem Reap is very safe at night. It is a small town and the local businessmen are very keen that visitors feel safe and are safe. By way of example, you can walk around raging drunk at 3am, and nobody will bother you. Or alternatively, an arm-in-arm evening stroll need present no difficulties nor anxiety.