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Money and Cards

Upper end hotels and more posh restaurants in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh accept major credit cards — especially VISA (warning, the surcharge can be up to 7%!), but around town, cash is king. American dollars or Thai Baht are preferred over the local currency, the Riel, which is of so low value that you would need a stack of it to pay for a decent meal — it’s only good for tipping and motorcycle taxis, or a baguette from a street vendor. If you are carrying dollars, make sure you have a lot of ones, or if it’s baht, 20 baht notes are the most useful.

Banks and major hotels can also change travellers cheques or give limited credit card cash advances. To be safe, you are best off not relying on your credit card too much.

Note: There are no ATM machines in the country.